demeter Nudelmacher

Under the name of "demeter Nudelmacher" we are offering bio-dynamical produced pasta that are demeter certified. This is said to be the most sustainable form of agriculture.



Bio-Dynamical Production

Pleasure & diversity

Since 2010 we are an official partner of the demeter association regarding production. This high-class pasta assortment is sold in special shops and stores under the name "demeter Nudelmacher". All products are made from durum wheat, spelt or full grain spelt.


What's demeter?

The demeter association is one of the most known farmers association in Germany as stands for sustainable agriculture. To get the demeter certification you need to fulfill very strict requirements regarding organic agriculture.



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Durum Wheat Spirals
Durum Wheat Penne

Spelt Spaghetti
Spelt Spirals
Spelt Penne
Spelt Broad Pasta

Spelt Full Grain Spaghetti
Spelt Full Grain Spirals

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