Hofbauer Spaetzle are made from durum wheat semolina and eggs and are used in canteen kitchens, hotels or for events. Chefs as well as guests like these Spaetzle due to their excellent quality and great taste.



Traditional Egg Spaetzle

Spaetzle for industrial Consumers and Catering

Our Spaetzle are made with a special procedure that was developped by us. Therefore, they look like handmade. We add 4 eggs per kilogram semolina to make the Spaetzle tasty and al dente. For many years Spaetzle are essential for Swabian dishes and used in many different ways. For many reasons Hofbauer Spaetzle are perfect for industrial consumers and caterers like for example: 

  • high quality made in Germany
  • especially stable when cooking
  • stay al dente for long times
  • special production 
  • efficient usage
  • perfect for cook & chill

Product Overview


Hofbauer Spaetzle 2 x 2.5 kg per box

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