Spelt Max

The brand "Spelt Max" is offering a great variety of spelt pasta products. There are 15 different shapes made from organic spelt or organic full grain spelt.


First Kid's Pasta made from organic Spelt

Spelt Max is discovering the world. At the moment he's at the zoo and watching different animals like elephants and lions.

We are extending the range of Spelt Max with one special product made from organic spelt for kids. Therewith, we are combining this healthy raw material with a child-friendly shape and an attractive, colorful packaging. Made in Germany from organic spelt without eggs.


Organic Spelt Spaetzle

The Spelt Max range is extended with one more pasta shape: The first vegan spelt Spaetzle in the world!

These Spaetzle are healthy and perfect for all Swabian dishes. In the same way as all Spelt Max products they are made without eggs and therewith suitable for vegan nutrition.

Why Spelt?

Organic spelt and Organic Full Grain Spelt

Spelt contains essential amino acids and is slightly nutty and natural in flavor. Many healthy living people are using spelt products because they are tasty and fit perfectly to all dishes. Spelt Max offers a great variety of pasta shapes made from spelt. The most common ones are shapes like Spaghetti, Linguine, Rigatoni or soup noodles. For Spelt Max pasta we use exclusively traditional spelt types that grow in Germany.

Product Overview


Organic Spelt

Spelt Max Kid's Pasta9 x 300 g 
Spelt Max Spirals10 x 500 g 
Spelt Max Penne10 x 500 g 
Spelt Max Spaghetti 12 x 500 g 
Spelt Max Linguine12 x 500 g
Spelt Max Nests12 x 500 g 
Spelt Max Rigatoni10 x 500 g
Spelt Max Soup Noodles8 x 500 g
Spelt Max Crescents8 x 500 g
Spelt Max Drelli 10 x 500 g
Spelt Max Spaetzle10 x 500 g


Organic Full Grain

Spelt Max Full Grain Spaghetti12 x 500 g
Spelt Max Full Grain Spirals10 x 500 g 
Spelt Max Full Grain Penne10 x 500 g
Spelt Max Full Grain Makkronelli   10 x 500 g



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