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Who We Are

We are Pasta Experts

We are producing pasta for more than 160 years in Spaichingen with perfection and attention to detail...
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What We Do

We Develop Solutions

We are experts for the development of special pasta products, whether alternative raw materials or fancy shapes... 
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You With Us


Together with you, we develop individual solutions according to your wishes - even in gluten free...
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Our Brands

Many people are forced to waive gluten due to diseaseas or avoid to eat gluten voluntarily. Seitz gluten free offers a wide range of gluten free pasta which is produced in Spaichingen under strict conditions. Additionally, Seitz offers gluten free products from various differnt categories. In 2014 the "Seitz glutenfrei GmbH" was set up as a subsidiary company to keep the gluten free products seperated from pasta that contains gluten.


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This brand offers the widest range of spelt pasta in Germany. Spelt contains essential amino acids and is slightly nutty and natural in flavor. Many healthy living people are using spelt products because they are tasty and fit perfectly to all dishes. Spelt Max offers a great variety of pasta shapes made from spelt. The most common ones are shapes like Spaghetti, Linguine, Rigatoni or soup noodles. For Spelt Max pasta we use exclusively traditional spelt types that grow in Germany.


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Our Spaetzle are made with a special procedure that was developped by us. Therefore, they look like handmade. We add 4 eggs per kilogram semolina to make the Spaetzle tasty and al dente. For many years Spaetzle are essential for Swabian dishes and used in many different ways. For many reasons Hofbauer Spaetzle are perfect for industrial consumers and caterers.


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The demeter association is one of the most known farmers association in Germany as stands for sustainable agriculture. To get the demeter certification you need to fulfill very strict requirements regarding organic agriculture.

Since 2010 we are an official partner of the demeter association regarding production. This high-class pasta assortment is sold in special shops and stores under the name "demeter Nudelmacher". All products are made from durum wheat, spelt or full grain spelt. WHAT'S DEMETER? 


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More than 160 years ago Anton Peter sold the first pasta under the name "Peter Pasta" in Spaichingen. As we want to keep this long-time competence in pasta production we still sell pasta products under the name "PETER's".


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